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fan fic by Mac

Disclaimer: These are works of fan fiction and as such it is not intended for profit. No infringement on copyright or any other right is intended. The characters of Duncan MacLeod, Methos, Richie Ryan, Joe Dawson, Cassandra, Amanda, Mei-Ling Shen, Charlie De Salvo, James Horton and Connor MacLeod are property of Davis/Panzer Productions and Rysher Entertainment.
Kwai Chang Cain, Kermit Griffin, Peter Cain, Jody Powell, Mary Margaret Skelaney, John Broderick, Matthew Cain and Lo Si are property of Warner Bros.
JAG and its characters are the property of Donald Bellisario, Bellisarius, CBS and Paramount.
Pretender, and its respective characters also belong to someone else, unfortunately not me, altho sidney likes to visit.
Gavin Scott, Jeff, Tori, and Kiowatha are of my own creation.


Highlander StoriesJAG StoriesKung Fu StoriesPretender StoriesX-Overs
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Highlander Stories

To Say Goodbye- a tale that takes place after the death of Richie Ryan. *Warning* some spoilers.

Favors- Methos takes on a student to avoid having his identity revealed.

Love Changes Everything- She looks 16, but she's really over 500!
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JAG stories

Work- Mac escapes work to spend some time with Mic in Australia. Note: some spoilers

The Wall- A.J. runs into Harm at the Wall, and they go to a diner for some food and a talk.

I Tried- A Mac/Harm fic. Yes, I know I've written a Mac/Mic, and a Mac/AJ and a Mac/Webb, I just can't decide who I want her to be with!

For Infinity- A very strange Mac/Harm. Still in progress. Mac disappears leaving Harm with their baby.

Storm- AJ/Mac Rated R. Mac and AJ get stuck in a storm with interesting results

Aftermath- (AJ/Mac) Sequel to Storm. After Mac's Engagement party, Mac and AJ must talk about their past and their future.

Spies Like Us- Webb/Other

Chained to You- AJ/other, Webb/Mac. Who is this woman that AJ quickly becomes obsessed with. What does Webb want AJ and Mac's help for again?

Perfect Lover- Why is Mac running around inside Gunny's head?--COMING SOON

Dirty- (Gunny/Mac) COMING SOON

Bound- Gunny and Webb bond in more ways than one(NO Slash)

Southern Cross- Mic reaches closure after leaving Mac. COMING SOON

A Sailor's Christmas- COMING SOON

An AJ Poem- with a definite AJ/Mac slant.
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KFTLC Stories

In Your Eyes- Karen and Kermit discuss the future of their relationship.

Baby Caine- Peter has a baby?

Alpha and Omega: The Adventures of Paul Blaisdell and Kermit Griffin- Paul and Kermit in their mercenary days.

Stuck in Sloansville- A TV viewer is transported to the world of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Green Man's Daughter- A girl claims to be Kermit's daughter.

Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas- a response to a challenge, a work in progress.

Worth Fighting For- Some things are worth fighting for... like freedom, and family. Kermit talks with Jim

XXX- Kermit is set loose in Amsterdam. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Some Say In Ice- (Pete/Jody, KCC/MMS, Kermit/Karen) A freak ice storm forces some of the fu gang to confront their relationships.

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Pretender Stories

Gimme That Strange Relationship- Vignette, Jarod/Miss Parker

Stargate SG1 Stories

Fall Vignetteish kind of Romance, Jack/Sam


Watching Caines-Duncan MacLeod has been watching over the Caine family since the first KC.

Comrades in Arms- a KF:TLC/JAG x-over. A work in progress.

The One- a Pretender/Highlander crossover, featuring my created character Gavin, from the HL Gavin Trilogy, started with Favors.
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Fan Non-Fiction

To Be or Not To Be: The Methos Chronicles: This is a paper I wrote for freshman comp!

The Kuan La of Requiem

It's A Kind of Magic

Who Wants to Live Forever?

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- Stargate SG1 Fic

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