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Spies Like Us


(Clayton Webb/Other R)
Rating: PG13

"Hey there, Mr. Webb," Kira smiled as Claytong Webb opened the door to his apartment.
"Miss Whittaker," he nodded, opening the door further. "Please come in."
Kira entered and Clay put his gun back on the stand by the door. Webb was dressed in a sky blue sweat suit. "And I was beginning to think yo ulived in a three piece suit, Mister Webb," Kira commented. She also noticed they were monogrammed CW, and had a Tommy Hilfigger tag. She decided it would be best not to comment on this.
"Call me Clay," he smiled slightly, cracking his hard exterior. "Don't you like my three-piece suits?" Webb pushed out his lower lip into a pout.
Kira laughed. She'd never seen this side of her co-worker before. "Oh! I didn't mean that!" she apologized, "I think you look just yummy in your three-piece suits!"
"Yummy?" CLay raised an eyebrow.
"Did I say that outloud?" Kira turned bright red.
Clay leaned in to Kira until his lips were centimeters from her ear. They brushed it slightly, and Kira pushed back a shudder.
"You did," he whispered in a husky voice. He pulled back. "So what brings you here?" He motioned for Kira to sit on the brown leather couch, then followed once she say.
"You know," she began, "I'm sure I had a wonderful reason, and a perfect speech planned out, but right now, nothing comes to mind."
Clay tapped his palm on Kira's kneww as he stood. "Then, why don't you sit here for a little bit, an dmaybe it will come to you."
Kira smiled her gratefulness.
"Can I ge tyou something to drink?" Clay called as he walked toward the kitchen..
"Does the matrede (SP?) suggest anything?"
"How about some hot cocoa?"
"Excellent!" Kira looked at the now clinging to teh windows. Then she let her eayes take in the entire room. There were photos and albums spread out all over the coffee table in front of her. "Is this what you were working on before I came?" she called to Clay.
"Pictures?" he responded.
Kira nodded, then realized he couldn't see her from the other room. "Yes," she affirmed.
"Yeah," Clay answered. "I'm trying to put old photos in order for Mother."
Kira smiled. Clayton, the Momma's boy, that was a new one. Well, her mother always saaid you could tell how a man would treat you once you were married byt the way he treated his mother. Kira's eyes widened as she blushed- she shouldn't be thinking of marriage and her co-worker in the same breath~! She picked up a black and white photo of a little boy in a three-piece suit. It had to be Clayton! "This you?" she held the picture up as Clay walked back into the room gripping two c=ups of steaming cocoa. Clay nodded in affirmation.
"Easter," eh looked on the back. "1970."
"How precious!" Kira cooed.
Clay rolled his eyes.. "IT's a good thing Mother penciled in most of the dates, or I'd be lost! As it is, the work is tedious, but not very difficult. It takes longer because eaach picture brings back a memory." Clay sat down, and cleared a spot on the table for the mugs.
"Want any help with this?"
"Sure," Clay smiled. "Maybe that's why you came here."
"I didn't mean to intrude," Kira started to rise.
"And I didn't mean to imply that you were,' Clayton pulled Kira back down. "I was serious."
"Oh," Kira blushed. "Then I'd be glad to help."
"It might be a little boring for you," Clay apologized. "IT's not exactly analyzing topographic satellite photos."
Kira laughed, her jet balck hair bouncing against her shoulder. "But then, what is?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, Clay!" Kira exclaimed, her eyes caught on a picture of a 3-4 year old clay playing stark naked in a sprinkler.
Clay blushed when he saw the picture Kira's gaze was directed at. "I was much smaller then... in every way," he emphasized.

The day continued in much the same way, with Kira and Clay sorting through old photos, pausing at the ore interesting ones for Clay to explain. Kira felt like she was watching Clay growing up: birthday parties, summer vacations, junior prom, graduation... Kira picked up a pictture of Clay on a horse in full riding regalia. "I didn't know you rode"
"Sure. Even competed in the '89 Olympics."
"You're kidding me!" Kira exclaimed. "Would I lie to you?" Clay put on his most sincere face.
"Clay, you're a spook," she countered. "Oh yeah, "he grinned. "Yes, I'm serious. I quit riding competeively because it was too high profile for my job."
"But you still ride?"
"Yes, at my Mother's. Do you?"
"No," Kira frowned, "but I always wanted to. I used to have posters of horses in my room when I was a kid! My favore move was..." "Wait, let me guess," Clay interrupted. "Black Beauty?" When Kira nodded, he continues. "Then I'll have to take you riding some time," Clay said matter-of factly.
"A smile tugged Kira's lips upwards. "I believe I'd like that very much, Clayton Webb."
Clay lay down the picture he was arranging. It was a picture of his mother and father together. Clay leaned closer to Kira. "I beleive I would like that very much, too, Kira Whittaker. But now, I feel like you know so much about me," he gestured to his pictures, "and I hardly know anything about you."
"Well, you'll have to come help me arrange my old pictures," Kira suggested.
"An excellent idea, but not exactly what I had in mind for right now...." "Oh!" Kira smiled as Clay leaned in and kissed her full on the lips.

End...for now.