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Title: Fall- Pt. 1

Author: MacMethos


Archive: just let me know

Classification: Stargate SG1, Romance (Jack/Sam)

Rating: This part, ummm... PG 13 for language, I guess.

Spoilers: none so far

Disclaimers: Not mine. Not even the Evan and Jaron song.. can't catch a break.

Nobody could hurt me like I know she could hurt me
But there’s nothing in this world that I won’t move.
Nobody could take me to the places that she takes me
Places that I’ve never been before
With my eyes wide open, knowing full well
I could fall from Heaven.
I could fall from Heaven.
I could fall, I could break, that’s the chance that I take-
I could fall.
- Evan and Jaron, “I Could Fall” Monday 2300 hours- Sam’s lab

_I would keep my eyes open while I make love to her_ Jack thought. _woah, where the hell did that come from? Probably spending too much time in the lab. Fumes and all that._ But this was an important project Sam was working on. Jack knew he couldn’t contribute to it past the point of collecting the materials, but he thought he could at least provide some moral support to Samantha while she worked. The fate of the Universe, or at least Earth, once again fell in her lap. Jack tore his eyes away from Samantha Carter. _Major Carter_, he corrected. _But hell, it would be nice to see her face…_ Tuesday 2359

“…really, sir, you don’t have to stay up with me. I don’t see coming up with a break through tonight, anyway.”

“Now, Carter, is that any way to think positively?” Jack fought the notion of moving a wayward strand of hair from Samantha’s face.

“Sorry, sir,” she yawned, moving the hair herself, and saving him, or ruining any chance he had for that moment. “But I think I’m about ready to call it a night myself. Just need to type up my notes from today.”

“Okay, Carter, but if you have any major brainstorms in the middle of the night, I’m staying in quarters on base tonight.”

“Yes, sir.” Sam looked up from her work. She granted him one of those rare 100% smiles that always served to melt his heart.

_Well, Jack, that’s not your heart that stirring._ “See you in the morning, Carter,” Jack managed while exiting the room post haste.

Friday 0700 hours- briefing room

“…proceed to PX7971 with all due haste,” General Hammond finished his orders to SG1, or what remained of them. Jack was up before Hammond had dismissed him. Teal’c and Daniel were not five seconds behind him. It had been 36 hours since Carter had gone to the planet with some lab rats to do some research on a living specimen of the plant in its natural environment. Carter believed this plant could hold the key to finding the energy source needed to power a weapon they’d found on another planet. Daniel had figured out that the people of that planet had moved there from the planet where said plant was found. Jack, of course, blamed himself. He should have insisted on accompanying her. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried.

Friday 1200 hours- PX7971

“Carter…” _Shit_ Jack thought. _Shit, shit shit._ He’d found her alright, but not in the condition he’d hoped. There were Jaffa tracks and four human tracks, according to Teal’c, leading to a precipice and then fading away with the same number of Jaffa, but only three humans. Then Jack had seen her. Nearly at the bottom of a gorge below the precipice. He didn’t wait to get harnessed up, and rappelled down the side of the cliff with only a rope.

“Sam…” he leaned in closer, squinting in the midday sun to make out her features. Her face was surrounded by a halo of light, he’d always thought of her as his angel, but her features today didn’t look like any angel he’d ever thought of. Her left eye was puffed closed with a circle of purple surrounding it. Jagged cuts ran this way and that. Her nose was slightly crooked. He’d kill those Jaffa. And whatever “god” they served. It was obvious they no longer considered Carter a threat after she’d fallen…or they’d pushed her… over the edge. Jack leaned in closer to try and hear the ragged, shallow breathing. “Damn it, Major, don’t you die on me. That’s an order.” Jack shook his head to clear it, as his eyes drowned in unfallen tears.

Daniel and Teal’c rappelled down.

“We’ve got to stabilize her before we move her,” Daniel said, for once the clear head. “Teal’c, send our signal back and bring the medical team that’s standing by… Jack? Jack?”

Jack’s eyes were closed now, his forehead inches away from Carter’s forehead.

Carters eyes fluttered open. “Jack?” she breathed. “Colonel?” she questioned louder. “What happened.”

“Shhh,” Jack choked back the tears of relief. “You’re going to be okay.”

1800 hours- Sickbay.

Sam opened her eyes, and Jack looked up from his crossword puzzle. “Hey, Sam.”

Her eyelashes fluttered. She managed a smile, but then cried out. “Shit, that hurts.”

“Do I need the Doc to up the morphine drip?” He put the puzzle down.

“No, I’ll be okay. Thanks…Jack.”

He leaned in. “I love you.”

More soon...