Title:Gimme that Strange Relationship
Classification:Vignette, (Jarod/Miss Parker)
Notes: This is inspired by the song "Strange Relationship," by Darren Hayes, which is quoted herein.

Do you love me? Or am I just another trip? In this strange relationship You push and pull me 'Till I'm about to lose my mind Is this just a waste of time?

Love. Iíve learned a lot about life since I got out of the Centre. Iíve even learned about love. But have I felt it? I remember leaning in closer and closer to you, until our lips almost touched. I remember the electricity. Now, that could just be lust, but lust doesnít explain the rest of my memories. With the same fondness, I remember you were my only real friend at the Centre. I remember one day, when you asked if Iíd ever kissed anybody. ďNo,Ē I said, puzzled. Then you leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Then you told me it was my turn. With that one kiss I tried to transmit everything I felt towards you: gratefulness that you provided a welcome distraction; awe at your beauty, but even more at the fact that you never realized it; earnesty in wanting to please you-youíd given me so much, I would do anything for you, ParkerÖ If I didnít know better, Iíd say I loved you then, Parker. If I didnít know you better, Iíd say I love you now.

Keep acting like you own me I keep running watch me walkin' out that door I hear you behind me

Iím always one step ahead of you, Parker. When are you going to learn you wonít catch me unless I want you to? And sometimes, I almost want you to. I miss you Parker. Those stolen conversations on the cell phone are not nearly enough. Oh, I see youÖIím always watching over you, Parker, but I want you to see me. See who I really am. You think that I play the Pretender with you, that Iím trying to manipulate your feelings. But the truth is, this is me. This is who I am, and I would gladly offer myself to you if I knew youíd accept.

Gimme that strange relationship Never felt pleasure and pain like this Something so right but it feels so terribly wrong I keep holding on

Our relationship is a strange one, at best. But I have never been as happy as when I held you in my arms. Iíve also never felt such pain as when you were torn away from me. Torn by the Centre, torn by your own fears. It seems like we belong together, but if we do, youíd think the universe would make it a little easier for us. Iím not ready to give up on you yet, Parker. Iím not ready to give up on us.

Gimme that strange relationship One of us gotta let go of this I keep pushing and you keep holding on I'm already gone

Sometimes I try to push you away. I lead you in different directionsÖI misdirect you. Sometimes I try to act tougher than I am. Part of me thinks youíd be better off if it stayed you chase, I run, but I guess Iím too selfish to make it easier on you. It be easier to be detached, for me to be some preyÖless than human, so sometimes I try to help you. But I canít do it. Iím only human.

I don't ever think I'm gonna Break free of these mind games All I'm tryin' to do is modify my plan Cause I can't contain you....

Do you know, I have so many plans if you just decide to leave the Centre. I will protect you, or die trying. If you leave with me, we can go far away and raise our family. My parents, our brother Ethan, my clone, Angelo. Okay, I admit, thatís quite a dysfunctional family, but with you at my side, it would be idyllic. Sometimes, I think I start to break through your defenses. Sometimes, I would swear thatÖyou loved me too, but maybe itís just a mind game. Do you want me back for you, or for the Centre?

You keep acting like you own me Like you control me You said you never really wanted me back Well maybe that's a fact May I suggest a brand new plan of attack And in defense of that You're hard to crack You're way off track I want you back I want you gone Maybe I'm sick of holding on

But I canít let you go.

Do you love me? Or am I just another trip in this strange relationship?
Gimme that strange relationship Never felt pleasure and pain like this Something so right but it feels so terribly wrong
I keep holding on

If itís all I can have with you, then I guess I will take it.

Give me that strange relationship.
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