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A Close up of Trevor

Trevor Goddard was born on October 14, 1962, not 1965 as originally thought. Before he bacame an actor, Trevor was a professional boxer. But become an actor he did, and I'm very glad of it. Otherwise, I may never have seen him! I wrote Trevor a fan letter, and he replied, and we corresponded for a time over e-mail and im. Trevor became a friend to me, always encouraging me to pursue my dreams. He just passed away of a drug overdose in June of 2003. His movies include Mortal Kombat, Legion, Assault on Devil's Island, Fast Money, Men of War, Deep Rising,Gone in 60 Seconds, Pirates of the Carribean, and many more. He also had a movie go= to Cannes film festival 2000, Slave of Passion. Currently in production is Gut Feeling. Television shows include JAG(as Mic Brumby), Murphy Brown, Silk Stockings, Bay Watch, and many more (they're all listed under the "About Trevor" page)

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"Cheers so much for all the hard work that you've put in web-site. I feel very flattered. It's fantastic,"- Trevor Goddard

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"Gday! I just wanted to say that I think your Trevor Goddard site is really great. Being an Aussie myself, I think that he fully deserves recognition - and why not - hes a great actor! :)"- Claire

"Hello! I met Trevor a couple days back on vacation at a water park and talked with him briefly. He's quite friendly and I hope to see more of his work. I think he does a great job on JAG. I didn't harrass him or anything, but we did shake hands and he was cool." - Mike

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trevor goddard

Trevor Goddard is a very good actor, and a very good guy. So, since there's not much on the internet, I figured I should make a contribution to society as a whole by putting up a page about this wonderful man! This page is constantly under construction.



I like to call this my Mic Cube

HAPPY B-DAY TREV! A Birthday Countdown!

ah love
The characters Sarah MacKenzie (Catherine Bell), and Mic Brumby had an interesting relationship on JAG.