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"Front and Center"

A.J. Chegwidden: Brumby, you give new meaning to the word enthusiasm.

Sarah MacKenzie (about her relation ship with Brumby): We're friends.
Harm: No man is interested in being friends with a woman like you. she gives him a look...Except me of course! I'm like a brother!

Sarah MacKenzie: Mic...
Mic Brumby: My first name, is that a good sign?

"Boomerang Part 2"

Mic: I know you like me.
Mac: Of course I like you Mic.
Mic: I'm in love with you Sarah. (she starts to interrupt) Shh. For once in your life, just listen. I've loved you since the moment I first layed eyes on you. I've never acted so foolishly or ached so hard in my heart in all my life. (Mac tries to kiss him) No, let me finish, please, while I still have the stregnth. I knew that getting you to love a knocker (or knuckle?) like me would take a miracle. Look. (He turns her around to see the stars). I'm hoping one will fall from the Southern Cross tonight. (He pulls out a ring).
Mac: (laugh) Oh God. Ahhh. It's impossible, Mic.
Mic: No, once you wouldn've said me holding you in my arms under the Southern Cross would be impossibe.
Mac: Your right.
Mic: I mean, I know it woun't be east. God knows we've got a lot to work out- your career; mine. But I'm willing to make any sacrifice- any, if you'd just be my wife.
Mac: (melting) Ahhh.. (They kiss)
Mac: Hey, I need time to thing.
Mic: (nods) Absolutely
Mac: Yeah.
Mic: Well?
Mac: (laugh) More...more time.
Mic: Wear my ring.
Mac: I can't
Mic: On your right hand- until you decide. (slips it on) Then all you have to do is swap it over to the other...or not. (They kiss again) You're so beautiful.