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~Costas Mandylor~

Costas Mandylor was born in Australia to Greek parents. The family spent much time in both countries, allowing Costas to become fluent in Greek as well as English. When he was 18, Costas moved to Greece to pursue a carreer playing soccer. He became a midfielder for the Panathiniakos, and after a few seasons, moved back to Australia where he joined their National League. After suffering a carreer-ending injury, Costas moved to America to pursue an acting carreer. He had previously been in comercials in Australia. His first role was the the brother of a Greek-Jewish boxer (Willem Dafoe), imprisoned in Auschwitz in the true-life drama "Triumph of the Spirit."

Costas is probably best known for his role as Kenny in the emmy- winning series "Picket Fences," which ran for five seasons. He is currently in a new show, however, called "Players." He costars as Alphonse a handsome, smooth talking, criminal.



Television Series

Costas Mandylor with author Nora Roberts and costar in Sanctuary

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