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Richie Ryan

Richie Ryan was born in Seacouver in 1974. His adopted mother was Emily Ryan. We first meet him when he breaks into MacLeod and Tessa's antique store, and Duncan recognizes him as a pre-immie. He had his first "death" was in 1993, when he and Tessa were shot by junkie looking for money. He arose immortal, Tessa did not. Richie had ridden a motorcycle for fun, but turnedit into a carreer, and joined an illustrious racing team in France, until he "died" again, in front of everyone and had to leave town.
Warning: Clan Denial members, read no further
Richie was killed by his teacher and friend, Duncan MacLeod in 1997, when MacLeod mistook him for Ahriman. Rest in peace Richie.


                                           'The Gathering'
"These guys should sell tickets"
"I'm on like, uh, 'Americas Funniest Home Videos.' right?"
"Check it out, one night only. Everyting must go."
                                           'Family Tree'
" Man, he must've freaked. I mean there you were all of the sudden, on your feet again-zombie in a kilt!"
                                             'Free Fall'

"What was I supposed to say to her, 'I'm sorry you're having a bad day, now get lost'?"
                                            'Sea Witch'

"I'm telling you, you can always buy new clothes, but you cannot buy a new head!"

"I'm just callin' 'em as I see 'em."
                                           'Prodigal Son'

Richie: I'd kiss you, but people might talk.
Duncan: They might.

Richie: Mac, well, I...
Duncan: I missed you too, tough guy. (They hug)

"They don't still use the guillotine in France, do they?"

Richie: I should'a wacked that S..O..B....
Duncan: Yeah, but I saw him first.


Duncan: Stay in the car.
Richie: Okay, everybody who's immortal, raise their hand.(raises hand, then to Duncan:) Looks like it's just the two of us.

(Richie intercepts bullet meant for Joe)
Joe: you've been hit.
Richie: Yeah, I caught that part.

Richie: Mac, I'm freezing out here!
Duncan: No immortal ever died of a chill.

                                           Counterfeit II'

Joe: I owe you one.
Richie: You might regret that.


Duncan: If it happens again, you do what ever you have to to survive. You do what ever you have to!
Richie: NO! I can't kill you! I can't!