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people have payed their respects to Richard H. Ryan

The Richard H. Ryan Memorial

We knew this day would come; for in the end, there can be only one, and it'll probably be one of the MacLeods, but nothing could have prepared us for this. After five years on "Highlander: The Series," Richard Ryan is dead. His head was cut off by his teacher and friend, Duncan MacLeod. Richie once asked Duncan if they'd ever have to face each other in immortal combat, poor Richie didn't even get a fighting chance. How did it happen you ask? I will tell you. On the fifth season finale, entitled 'Archangel,' MacLeod was seeing dead people walking; Horton, who he killed three years ago, and Kronos, who was killed seven episodes ago, were after Duncan. An old archeologist tried to warn Duncan of the millenium evil, and tell him he was the only one who could defeat it. Richie believed MacLeod, but Methos and Joe thought he was "losing it." Then, Richie saw Horton, with a gun to Joe's head, and followed him to the old race track after calling Mac. MacLeod tried to tell Richie that Joe was with him, but it was too late. So, MacLeod followed Richie to the track, only to have a fake Richie, who we'll refer to as demon-richie, demon-kronos, and demon-horton attacking him. MacLeod fought back, and cut off demon-richie's head, or so he thought. After the quickening, Mac saw Richie, and called out to him, but this Richie's eyes glowed red as he smiled evily. Then Duncan realized, that if the demon-richie was still alive, he had killed.......the real Richie Ryan! Just then, Methos and Joe show up, as we see Richie clips to a Jim Byrnes song. MacLeod tried to have Methos cut off his head, but Methos refused. So Duncan exits, mumbling something in Native American, crying, and Joe collapses into Methos' arms crying. That's it. End of show. Richie is gone forever. What will happen to Duncan? Surely he is devastated. And the question remains: Was Duncan being readied for some higher calling, or is he simply gone insane? This page was constructed in memorium of the dearly departed, Richard Ryan. As you can see, there are many pictures and quotes, among other things. Not a dry eye will leave here. Good-bye Richie. We'll miss you.

'The Gathering'
"These guys should sell tickets"
"I'm on like, uh, 'Americas Funniest Home Videos.' right?"
"Check it out, one night only. Everyting must go."
'Family Tree'
" Man, he must've freaked. I mean there you were all of the sudden, on your feet again-zombie in a kilt!"
'Free Fall'

"What was I supposed to say to her, 'I'm sorry you're having a bad day, now get lost'?"
'Sea Witch'

"I'm telling you, you can always buy new clothes, but you cannot buy a new head!"

"I'm just callin' 'em as I see 'em."
'Prodigal Son'

Richie: I'd kiss you, but people might talk.
Duncan: They might.

Richie: Mac, well, I...
Duncan: I missed you too, tough guy. (They hug)

"They don't still use the guillotine in France, do they?"

Richie: I should'a wacked that S..O..B....
Duncan: Yeah, but I saw him first.


Duncan: Stay in the car.
Richie: Okay, everybody who's immortal, raise their hand.(raises hand, then to Duncan:) Looks like it's just the two of us.

(Richie intercepts bullet meant for Joe)
Joe: you've been hit.
Richie: Yeah, I caught that part.

Richie: Mac, I'm freezing out here!
Duncan: No immortal ever died of a chill.

Counterfeit II'

Joe: I owe you one.
Richie: You might regret that.


Duncan: If it happens again, you do what ever you have to to survive. You do what ever you have to!
Richie: NO! I can't kill you! I can't!