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This ring is for sites about Trevor Goddard and/or the characters he's portrayed, such as Mic Brumby on JAG, Kano on Mortal Kombat, T-Ray on Deep Rising, etc. What is a webring, you ask? A webring is a tool that connects sites of a similar subject (in this case, TG) to provied more viewer traffic by people who are interested in said subject (again, TG).
Did you answer "Yes"? Then this webring is for you!

How do I join this ring, you ask? I'm glad you asked. Here's how!
  1. If you don't have a yahoo or geocities id, get one!
  2. Fill out this application to join!
  3. Add the ring navigation bar!
  4. Copy and paste the JavaScript code to your page
  5. Wait to be added!

    For those of you who joined the ring before WebRing and Yahoo! combined, your old HTML fragment will still work. New members, if you'd rather have the HTML fragment, here it is (go to view source...copy and paste between the tags that tell you when to begin and end the HTML fragment). Rember, you must replace Your E-mail addy, your name, and your site id with the correct entries.

    Trevor Goddard
    This The Trevor Goddard Appreciation Ring site owned by YOUR_NAME.
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