The poll ended with Peter Wingfield in first place with 293 votes, and Adrian Paul in second with 137 votes. Kevin Sorbo wasn't far behahind with 119 votes, and David James Elliot got 101. Below is the final list. A new poll is starting, because there were so many write-in votes. So vote now if you want to keep AP and PW at top, or usurp them with someone such as Trevor Goddard!

1.  Peter Wingfield
2.  Adrian Paul
3.  Kevin Sorbo
4.  David James Elliot
5.  Richard Dean Anderson
6.  Zoltan Nickols
7.  Trevor Goddard
8.  David Boreanaz
9.  David Duchovony
TIED FOR 10th:
Patrick Stewart
Dougray Scott
Christopher Lambert
Jim Byrnes
Tied for 11th:
Liam Neeson
Ricky Martin
Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Richard Burgi
Mel Gibson
Dolph Lundren
Richard Gere
Kevin Tighe
Tied for 12th
Harrison Ford
Sea Connery 
Brad Pitt
Jude Law
Dermot Mulroney
Ewan McGregor
Kevin Smith
John M. Jackson

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