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The    Higlander       Pants    Game!!!!

Here's how the game works: You take a Highlander quote, and replace one word in it with the word "pants." It's really funny! Here are a few of my results:

Here are some Methos quotes done this way:

Methos: Really Joe, people running around, living forever, chopping each other's pants off.

Methos: Why would pants tell the truth?

Methos: Pants!

Methos re: Richie: How could he? She's got him tingling in pants he never knew he had.

Methos: A couple of Medieval songwriters come up with the idea of pants one rainy day, and you embrace it as a lifestyle.
Duncan: Would you rather I had no pants at all?

Kristin: Who are you?
Methos: A man who was born long before the age of pants.

Alexa: Do women really fall for pants
Methos: I have no idea, I've never used pants before.

Methos: Pants like that, you're lucky if you find one every ten lifetimes.

Methos: It's my pants isn't it? Yep, it's the pants

Methos: The alternative is pants.

Methos: Paris is too full of pants, even the French don't like pants.

Methos: I know she's pants, okay? You are all pants.

philosophical Methos: You spend whatever time you have left dying, or you spend it living...with pants.

Methos: Remember Highlander: Live, grow pants, fight another day.

Methos: I'm too old for pants.


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