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~Louis Mandylor~
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Louis Mandylor was born on September 13th 19** in Australia to Greek parents, the younger brother of Costas. He was a professional soccer player and boxer before following his brother's footsteps by coming to America to pursue an acting career. He can currently be seen on the big screen in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Louis on Martial Law

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MBFGW Review
Louis was great in MBFGW. He was the perfect little brother- sweet and caring, and wanting aproval from his big sister, but also looking out for her and protective of her. He tricks Ian, who is not Greek, into saying several humourous phrases in Greek in front of everybody. There is also a scene where Louis is topless, which I definitely won't complain about!
The whole movie was very funny and sweet. It was humourous, but it also had a lesson, which I believe was best summed up by Louis' character, Nick, quoting "Dear Abby": "Dont let your past dictate who you are, but let it influence who you will become," or something like that... i need to find the direct quote :).
in my opinion, GO SEE THE MOVIE! I would go see the movie if Louis wasn't in it, but the fact that he's in it is icing on the cake! Maximize This Window