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Double Deception

Synopsis Luke Campbell (Louis Mandylor) is a police bodyguard on a dangerous assignment to protect Lisa Ozaki, the beautiful daughter of a rich and powerful Japanese businessman. But Mr. Ozaki has little faith in the police so he hires Maria, a woman who could easily fit Lisa's description, to pose as Lisa's double during their stay in the United States. Mr. Ozaki's insurance seems to payoff when a professional crime organization, led by Snake (James Russo), kidnaps Maria in a deadly shoot-out with Luke. The kidnapper demands a $2 million dollar ransom, which Mr. Ozaki sees no need to pay since it was not his daughter who was taken. Desperate to save Maria, Luke kidnaps the real Lisa Ozaki to exchange with the kidnappers knowing that Mr. Ozaki will pay up only to save his real daughter. Afraid of Luke at first, Lisa soon becomes his ally. She goes along with his plan in order to get her father to save the life of an innocent woman. But the ransom drop-off turns into a nightmare that sends Luke and Lisa on the run from the police. And to make matters worse the $2 million dollars ends up in the hands of Frank and Danny, a couple of crooked cops. Luke and Lisa track Frank and Danny to a club where they plan on laundering the money through Vincent (Udo Keir), a tough hustler who has no intention of dealing fairly. The transaction turns violent and Luke and Lisa find themselves caught in the middle. Working together, they escape with the money. Now Luke believes the only thing left to do is pay the ransom and recover Maria. But with betrayal at every turn and danger around every curve, the final climax turns into an explosive showdown that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.