Quotable Quotes

This page has my favorite quotes from "Highlander:The Series" Remember, "There Can Be Only One."


Part 1: Comical Quotes
"These guys should sell tickets"-Richie Ryan 'The Gathering'

"I'm Connor MacLeod- same clan, different vintage"-Connor 'The Gatheing'
Connor: A mere pinprick

Duncan: By my count you look more like a pin cushion -'The Gathering'
"I'm on like, uh, 'America's Funniest Home Videos,' right?-Richie 'The Gathering'

Duncan: My father couldn't understand what had happened
Richie: Who could? Man, he musta freaked. I mean there you were, all of the sudden on you feet again- zombie in a kilt.
'Family Tree'

Richie: What do you guys got anyway- secret handshake?
Duncan: Tattoo -'The Innocent Man'

Duncan: I already have my little black book out.
Tessa: I've seen it.  It's 300 years out of date. -'Road Not Taken'

"Now this is an interesting test of reflexes; can you turn and fire that thing before I skewer you?"- Duncan MacLeod 'Bad Day in Building A'

"I'm telling you, you can always buy new clothes, but you can not buy a new head!"- Richie 'Sea Witch'

"I'm just callin' them as I see 'em."- Richie 'Eye Witness'

Tessa: Why do I argue with you?
Duncan: Because you are contrary by nature.
Tessa: I am not.
Duncan: Yes, you are.
Tessa: No, I am not.
Duncan: Yes, you are.
Tessa: No, I am not.
Duncan: See what I mean. - 'The Beast Below'

Tessa: Friend of yours?
Duncan: No, just a bad habbit. -'The Lady and the Tiger'

Clown: Amanda wouldn't lie to me.
Duncan: Trust me, you wouldn't be the first man she's made a clown of. 'The Lady and the Tiger'

Amanda: (suggestively) You haven't let me thank you properly for saving my life.
Duncan: Send me a card. 'The Lady and the Tiger"

Elaine: How'd you get to be so smart?
Duncan: Trial and error.  Like a rat bumps into a lot of walls until he finally learns the maze.  Lots of trial and error.
' Avenging Angel'

Tessa: You've been hacking on the computer again.
Duncan: Yeah, well it's either that or fill out twenty forms and wait six months.

Duncan: I'm meeting an old friend.
Richie: Oh.  Wait, old as in(makes sword noises).
Duncan: Yeah(Sword noises)- 'Studies in Light'

Linda: Why'd you do that?
Duncan: Do what?
Linda: Run into the burning building.
Duncan: (sarcastically) Because that's where the fire was?
'Studies in Light'

Amanda: Why don't you believe me MacLeod?
Duncan: Experience. -'The Return of Amanda'

Duncan: There's this guy watching you, you know.
Amanda: There usually is. -'The Return of Amanda'

Amanda: You really expect me to steal, don't you?
Duncan: I expect sharks to bite, too.  Don't tske it personally.
'The Return of Amanda'

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