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Highlander Links

On this page are links to my favorite Highlander Sites. If you would like yours added, e-mail me your HP address at and I will add it ASAP.
Methos MacLeod aka Moth MacLeod

Official Sites
Glenfinnan Highlander: The Official Site
General Sites
Celedon's Chambers Highlander Page Highlander: The Watcher Chronicles Matt and Greg's Highlander Watcher Chronicles Highlander HomePage The "Thistle and Joe" Virtual Scottish Pub & Coffee House Adopt an Immortal or Mortal
Highlander Down Under
Janine and Kathi's Excellent Adventure Macaruin's site Sir Lothar's Highlander Page Net Cafe
All About Romance: This isn't a Highlander site, but it has had at least 2 articles about HL/AP and David Abramowitz
Character Specific Sites
Duncan MacLeod Duncan Flag Wavers Nora's Dunan MacLeod/Adrian Paul Shrine Methos Mostly Methos Image Gallery Methos Methos Methos by Fanomethos
Methos dot com

Methos Watchers
The ROG Methos Boxer Briggade
methosluvr's Methos Page
Let's Have Fun with Methos Methos Madness HP
Richie Ryan Richie Forever Home Page Cassandra Donan Woods
Actor Specific Sites
Adrian Paul PEACE- APFC Adrian Paul- What a Guy People Online Profiles Adrian Paul Kris'AdrianPaul/HL Page Christopher Lambert Christopher Lambert Official Site Peter Wingfield Peter Wingfield Fan Club Wingfield Watchers
Jim Byrnes Jim Byrnes Fan Club The Jim Byrnes Aprreciation Place
Anthony DeLongis The ADLFC
Fan Fiction
Glo.'s Home Page The Methos Madness HP The Highlander Quill Club Library Literary Ramlings
Sites on the new Movie
Bucharest Business
Sites in other Languages

Spanish Programas de Canal 2: El Imortal
My other pages
Methos MacLeod/Personal WBS Homepage Methos MacLeod's Watcher Chronicles Peter Wingfield: The sexiest man alive

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Methos MacLeod