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Love Changes Everything

Part I

open scene:
MacLeodís loft, empty. We hear the sound of the elevator, than see the door of it open. Camera angle on bottom half only of the person who steps out of the elevator; it is not MacLeod. The unknown person goes to the bathroom, proceeding to take a shower, and slip into MacLeodís robe. The camera moves up and we see the face of a young woman, appearing to be about sixteen. Fade to Flashback:
The young woman we saw at MacLeodís loft is squatting on a hill, wearing Native American clothing. "Highlander Buzz" occurs as the young woman sneaks up on a man in buckskins, who we know to be MacLeod; she plans to steal his food. She ignores the "buzz," takes out her knife, cuts away the pouch, and walks away. Thinking she is safe, the young woman begins eating the cornmeal that the pouch contained. MacLeod comes from behind her, and places his sword across her neck. Knowing sheís been caught, and not wanting to lose her head, the young woman passes the pouch back to MacLeod and grins innocently. MacLeod looks threatening for a moment, then returns her smile. He takes out a loaf of bread and bites into it. Then he passes to the woman, who only moments ago was trying to steal his food. She looks hungrily at it, and takes a small bite, and then a much larger one. Then she passes it back. MacLeod: I am Duncan MacLeod, of the clan MacLeod. You speak English? Tori: Iím Tori, born in Wales. MacLeod: How old are you? Tori: Old enough. (Mac gives her a look) 400. MacLeod: Iím 270. How did you survive so long? Tori: You mean because Iím a girl? MacLeod: No, because you areÖ young in body. Can you use a sword? Tori: Some MacLeod: Would you like to learn more?
Fade to MacLeodís loft
Tori is asleep on a couch, we hear sound of elevator, then "buzz." Elevator opens revealing Duncan MacLeod, Richie Ryan, and Methos. Tori is awakened by the "buzz."
Tori: Hello MacLeod, whoíre your friends? MacLeod: Tori, what are you doing hereÖin my houseÖin my robe? Tori: Mac, you said if I ever needed youÖ MacLeod: What do you want? Money? Tori takes out her sword and puts it across MacLeodís neck Tori: Iím not a beggar MacLeod. All I need is a place to stay for awhile. Methos and Richie are alarmed, as they pull their swords out. Tori is near hysterical as she removes the sword from MacLeodís neck, and aims it at Richie and Methos. Tori: Come on, letís go. Iíll take you both on. MacLeod steps in front of her to intervene. He puts a hand on Toriís shoulder. She collapses into his arms crying. MacLeod: Shhh, shhh, itís okay. (to Methos) Adam, clean her up and take her to Joeís. Iíll be there soon, okay? JustÖ.talk to her. Methos: Come on kid. Tori: Iím 130 years older than MacLeod. Methos: Still a kid to me. Joeís Bar Methos and Tori(now clothed) sit at the bar. Joe: Hey Adam, whoís your friend? Methos: This is Tori, a friend of Macís. Weíll take two beers. Joe: She old enough to drink? Methos: Yeah, sheís older than MacLeod. (Tori gives him a look) Itís okay, he knows. Joe: Two beers coming up. Tori? Donít let anyone know itís beer, Iíd be in trouble for serving minors. We canít exactly say "But sheís over 400," theyíd lock the both of us up in a mental institution. (For the first time, Tori smiles ) So, how old are you? Tori: 435. (a beat) I guess Iím pretty good with a sword. Joe: Iíd say so. You known Mac long? Tori: We met 135 years ago. Joe goes to get beers Tori: AdamÖ.could I, uh, stay with you? Iím a bit uncomfortable at MacLeod's. Methos: Yeah, sure, as long as you donít cut off my head while Iím sleeping.(pause) You want to tell me why youíre uncomfortable at Macs? Donít get me wrong, the guy makes me uneasy sometimes. Tori: UmmmÖ..Letís say we had a bad experience living together and leave at that. (Methos looks disappointed) For now, at least. (MacLeod enters, as Joe brings the beers) Hey MacLeod.(Mac pulls up a stool) Look, I donít need to stay at your place anymore; I found another. MacLeod: Are you sure? Tori, Iím sorry about what I said earlier. Tori: Itís not about that, and you know it. (Tori looks at Mac as if daring him to respond, as we zoom in on MacLeod) _____________________________________________________________________________________ When we zoom back out, it is a younger MacLeod, year 1863 Mac and Tori are sword training in a field. Tori falls to the ground exhausted, and Mac kneels beside her. MacLeod: Get up Victoria, weíre not done yet. Tori: I told you not to call me that. MacLeod: (innocently) What? Victoria? Tori: Arrrgghh. Tori pushes MacLeod, and he, surprised by the blow, falls backwards. He gets up, and tries to pull Tori to her feet, only succeeding in having them both fall backward down a small hill. They roll in the grass, and when they stop Mac is on top of Tori, both laughing. They look into each others eyes longingly, then kiss. Fade to Indian Village, that evening. MacLeod pulls Tori aside. MacLeod: Look Tori, about earlierÖ. Tori: Donít bother, Iíve heard it all before. MacLeod: What? Tori: "Look Tori, I know youíre really 400, but when I look at you I think sixteen." MacLeod: You know I love Little Deer. Tori: But thatís not all, is it? (MacLeod doesnít respond) I wish I had been killed a little later in life, itíd be so much easier. Present day, Joeís Bar MacLeod: (trying to change the subject) So, whyíd you need a place to stay? What happened? Tori: I was killed. MacLeod: Again? Tori: Yeah, Iím accident prone. The worst was that time I got hit by a busÖ Methos: Ouch . Tori: (nods to Methos) Yeah, anyway, I was shot (pause) by one of us. MacLeod: Anyone I know? Tori: (nods in affirmation) Kiowatha. Joe: (whoís been listening) Wasnít he an Indian? Tori: No, itís the Chinese Kiowatha, what do you think? MacLeod: (Ignoring Tori) Yeah, his tribe warred against the tribe Tori and I lived with. Tori: He was trying to take my head, so I jumped out of a windowÖ. twelve stories up. Methos: Ouch. Tori: I guess itís a good thing I have a high tolerance for pain. (pregnant pause) It was a public street; he couldnít take my head there. MacLeod: Heíll come after you. Tori: I know. MacLeod: Where are you staying? Tori: Adam's. (MacLeod raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.) If youíll excuse me, I must use the Ladie's room. (She leaves) Methos: How good is Kiowatha? MacLeod: Real good. Methos: Can she beat him? MacLeod: I hope so. Methos: What happened between you two? MacLeod: Sheíll have to tell you that. Methos: The longer you guys keep me from knowing, the more curious I get. MacLeod: Are you going to tell her? Methos: What? That Iím 5,000 years old? Donít change the subject. MacLeod: We had feelings for each other once. Now, are you? Methos: I honestly donít know. Methosí apartment Methos and Tori enter Methos: Iíll take the couch, and you can have the bed. Tori: Thereís no reason why we canít both have the bed. Weíre both adults. Methos: (a bit uneasy at first) Okay sure. Umm, which side do you want? Tori: It doesnít matter. Want to watch TV? Methos: Sure. Want a beer? Tori: Just an orange juice, thanks. Methos: Hmmm. Tori: What? Methos: MacLeod likes orange juice. Later, watching television Tori: AdamÖ.hold me? Methos: Why? Tori: I am afraid. Methos: Okay (puts his arms around her) And, itís Methos. Tori: Huh? Methos: My name. Itís Methos. Tori: You mean Methos Methos, as in the legend? Methos: In the flesh. Tori: When you said I was a kid to you, I wondered. Methos: Tori, could I ask you something? Tori: I might not answer. Methos: What really happened between you and Mac? Tori: (Gets out of Methosí arms to face him) I was in love with him once. I thought Duncan felt the same way, and maybe he did, but he wouldnít do anything about it. Iím doomed to be sixteen forever. Methos: But youíre not! Youíre far above a sixteen year old. You are an intelligent, witty, beautiful 535 year old. Tori: (smiles :-)) What are you waiting for? Methos: Huh? Tori: Arenít you going to kiss me? They embrace, and kiss. Fade to MacLeodís Loft, next day. Richie is sitting on the couch as he hears the "buzz," and the sound of the elevator Richie: (Drawing his sword) Mac? Out steps Methos grinning. Richie sheaths his sword. To Be continued... It's written, I just have to type it:)