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Day   2

PW & JB Autograph Session

I missed the first two sessions to wait in line for Peter and Jim's autograph. In line, I analyzed paintings with Jennifer :). When I finally got to Peter's table, I was shaking, and I wasn't sure if I could speak. I know he's just a guy, but still, he's a guy who looks like Peter. HEhe. Anyways, I was standing there waiting for my turn, and I look over at Jim's table. He sees me, and can tell that I'm nervous, and he flashes me this gorgeous grin! Thank you Jim, that was what I needed :-D. He has a wonderful grin!
My conversation with Peter:
Peter: Hello
Me: (squeaking) hi.
P: How are you?
M: (voice still much higher than normal) ok.
P: So, where are you from?
M: Ohio, it took us almost 10 hrs to get here. (wow, a whole sentence!)
P: What'd you do, walk?

So, that's how it went. I didn't say *any* of the stuff I'd planned to say, but Peter was so sweet. He acted like he didn't notice how nervous I was!
Next, I moved to Jim's table, slightly less nervous because I saw that they were indeed humans, just like me :).
I told him I thought he's a great actor and singer, and that I couldn't wait for the concert tonight. He said "Yeah, it should be fun." Then I realized I hadn't took his picture. "Oh no!" I exclaimed, "I forgot to take your picture!" He looked up at me and flashed me that wonderful grin! *sigh*
We couldn't use flash, and the lighting wasn't great, so it didn't turn out very well, but I'll always have that picture in my memory.
Another very cool thing about the autographs was- you weren't allowed to ask them to personalize it, but they looked at our name tags and did it anyways! "Sarah, with an "H" right?"-Peter.

Noon-1:00- SK & EG Q&A

I missed a good half of this because I was getting the autographs, but my parents saw the whole thing, and I saw the end. Elizabeth was picking on Stan a lot, which was quite funny for us. She also talked about the docummentary she made about cross-dressing beauty pageants, and how she had PW with a German accent say something at the end to tie it all together. Stan talked a bit about his upcoming movie The Flunky, which sounds like it'll be very funny.

2:00pm-3:00pm HL End Game, 3:00-4:00pm- PW&JB Q&A

Braun, Peter, and Jim I skipped the session on Writing the Hero: Duncan MacLeod to go to lunch, but I made sure I got back in time for this session with Peter, Jim, and Braun. First, they showed us the trailer, which looked awesome! It looks like the movie will be really great! I can't wait!
Questions were asked about the movie, and then it strayed into other things, especially when it was time for just the PW & JB session. I asked JB when his new CD would come out, and he said that they were working on it. I also asked him which he liked to play better; electric or acoustic guitar. He said acoustic, because he started out on it, and it's more organic- you can't make it sound like anything else. It is what it is. I told him that's what I played, and he said "Cool."
Questions about the movie included some about fight scenes. Jim said he has a scene with a pistol, and there's an escape scene. Peter said that Methos doesn't fight, he's a pacifist.
Then someone asked Jim if he was narrating the opening, like on the series. He said that'd be nice; to tie the series and movie together, but he hadn't been aproached. He said unfortunately, TPTB don't like him as much as we do. He then added that maybe we should write letters.
Peter was asked how he liked fatherhood (He loves it), and Jim was asked if he had any advice for Peter, to which he replied "It's too late for that"
When asked what their favorite roles are, they both said fatherhood.
Peter was asked about a Methos series, and he said he'd love to do a Methos and Joe show. They could tell a different story every week, just Methos talking to Joe at the bar. They could have recurring characters, and characters that just appeared for one episode. They both mentioned how much they enjoyed doing "Indiscretions" (That road show they did vaguely based on Highlander). They said they got away with a lot of stuff because everyone else had already wrapped, Adrian had gone home. A big part of it was just ad-libbing. The hitch-hiking part, and a lot of the dialogue.


Braun and I During the break, I got Brauns autograph. Or maybe it was another time. I think it was another time, but I don't remember when if it was, so we'll put it here *G*.
stan Stan and Elizabeth's autograph lines were closed, but I got a good picture of Stan! (He had better lighting where he was signing!)

Charity Auction
The charity auction was cool. I took a lot of pictures, but none of them turned out. If anyone has some they want to send me, I'll pay for copies and shipping!
The auction started out kind of slow, but it got going. Elizabeth said this was her third auction, and it was definitely the dirtiest. She looked down all the cabbage patch pants. (she undid Richie's to see the heart boxers), and she put lipstick on, and was kissing everything. This was found to increase prices, so she put lipstick on Stan, and he started kissing stuff. Later, when Peter was on, Josepha gave him her lipstick to put on ("I can't wear this," he said, "It's Mac!"), but he put it on anyways. "Is this how this's supposed to look?
He auctioned off Josepha's book "Captive Soul," which he confessed to not reading yet, "But apparently, it's about..." and then he read the back. He kissed the inside cover, and it sold for pretty high. He auctioned off an Ivanhoe, and the Cabbage Patch Methos. Kurgan had the winning bid on this, and I had a chance to see it up close when I rode in the elevator with them. It was really cute...scary, but cute ;).
Stan asked for jokes at one point, and Brian (from the Rogues) told one about an Englishman, and Irishman, and a Scot walking on the beach together. They found genie in a bottle (who had a Scottish accent because Brian can't do an Arabian). The genie gave them each a wish. I forget the Irish guys, but the English guy's was to build a wall around England through which nobody could get in, and nobody could get out. When it was the Scot's turn, he asked about the wall. He found it was impenatrable...bullet proof, fire proof, etc. "Good,"he said, "My wish is that you fill it up with water."
Mom, Adrian, and the katana Adrian Ko came on stage at one point to do the drawing for the swords. Can you believe it? My Mom won one!
Next I'll talk about Peter doing the shirt thing, and the concert. Stay tuned. Same bat time, same bat channel!.

Jim jamming