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Big Easy


Learn how to talk like Remy! Or at least Understand what he's saying!
awright, excl. -- the appropriate response to "Where yat?" 

banquette, n. -- sidewalk 

berl, v. -- 1. boil. 2. the preferred cooking method for crabs and crawfish. 

bra', excl. -- 1. bro. 2. partner. 

cap, n. -- 1. universal name for a male. 2. buddy. 

charmer, n. -- a female New Orleans native 

cherie, n. -- darling, dear 

coo-zahn, n -- 1. cousin. 2. comrade. 

couillon, n -- a derogatory term for bureaucrats or someone else you don't like 

crawfish ball, n. -- crawfish boil 

dat, n. -- that 

dawlin, n. -- a charmer's favorite form of address, rather than sir or ma'am 

erl, n -- oil 

ersters, n. -- oysters 

fais do-do, n. -- 1. go to sleep. 2. a soiree, accompanied by imbibing in generous amounts of food and dance. 3. a shindig. 

f'sur, excl. -- 1. for sure. 2. O.K. 

gallery, n. -- balcony 

hurricane, n. -- a sweet, pink, extremely-intoxicating alcoholic drink (consisting of four-and-a-half ounces of dark rum mixed with fruit juices) that sometimes comes in its own souvenir glass at the local bars 

I'll take me a..., excl. -- may I have a... 

lache pas la patate, excl. -- don't forget what's important 

laissez les bon temps rouler, excl. -- let the good times roll 

lagniappe, n. -- a little something extra 

makin' groceries, v. -- grocery shopping 

Marraine (also, NaNan, Nainanne), n. -- godmother 

Mr. Charlie, n. -- the boss 

my-nez n. -- mayonnaise 

ohmagawd, excl. -- Oh my god (pronounced quite rapidly) 

Parrain, n. -- godfather 

poppa gator (or) pop a gator, v. -- wallowing on the dance floor at a party, usually at the point when the festivities have lost all decorum 

scuse me, poidan me, excl. -- excuse me, pardon me: mannerly terms used in quick succession 

suck da haids, v. -- sucking the juice from the heads of boiled crawfish (actually a tasty N'Awlins tradition) 

sure thing, sug, excl. -- affectionate, affirmative response 

surnuf, excl. -- 1. sure enough. 2. certainly. 3. You got it. 

takee outee, n. -- the fast food-type eateries lining the French Quarter and open into the wee hours that offer an array of foods from egg rolls to boiled shrimp, all quickly served 

tee-na-nah, n. -- transsexual 

Where yat?, question -- a "How are you?" greeting 

Where you stay at?, question -- Where do you live? 

wrench, v. -- rinse 

yat, n. -- male New Orleans native 

zinc, n. -- sink

*source: Alan Graham and James Taylor, New Orleans on the Half-Shell, Pelican Publishing Company (Gretna, Louisiana)

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